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The town of Castelbuono grew up under the castle that Francesco Ventimiglia constructed in 1316,and took it's name from the castle,literally meaning "good castle".
The land was originally inhabited by the Sicans,an indigenous Sicilian tribe,and under Arab rule, the first village of Ypsigro was built on the side.When the Normans conquered Sicily,it became part of the lands belonging to the Counts of Geraci.
The land around Castelbuono is famous for its cultivation of manna,collected from the woods full of frassini (ash trees),and manna is still used today for many recipes,and is sold in Castelbuono .
Of interest:
-The medieval castle with its square towers and imposing facade,is used for various activities and exhibitions.The chapel of S.Anna,the patron saint of Castelbuono,has some interesting stucco work done in the style of  Giacomo Serpotta,and holds the relics of S.Anna.
-The town museum,which is temporarily hosted by the Bank of Corte .
-The church of S.Mary of the Ascension,built in 1350,situated in the main square of the medieval town.
Of interest the central alter piece dating from 1520,and the frescoes in the crypt.
The new 16,th century matrix with frescoes and stucco work dating from the 18,th century.
-The church of S.Francis,which contains the tombs of the Ventimiglia family in a side chapel,and has an interesting 14,th century gothic doorway.
-The Museum Francesco Minà Palomba which contains minerals,fossils,embalmed animals,and over 500 colour illustrations of plants and birds.

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