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Madonie Natural Park


The Park takes it's name from the mountain range which it incorporates ,and extends along the N. coast of Sicily between the river Imera,and the river Pollina.
Covered with many woodland areas ,and full of interesting geological phenomenon,the Madonie park contains more than half of the plant  species to be found in Sicily,some of which can only be found in this area.
The large quantity of fauna to be found in the park comprises over half the species of birds found in Sicily ,all the mammals ,and over half of the invertebrate species.
The Madonie park is situated in the Province of Palermo ,incorporated in the territory of the towns of Caltavuturo,Castelbuono,etc.
These small towns lie dotted around The Madonie mountain range,and are all of historic interest,many of them containing ruins of past civilisations,having once been fortified towns first ruled by the Arab domination,then by the Normans,and lastly by the Ventimiglia family.
There are many pathways in the Park which allow you to discover the natural beauty of the area.The official webside of the Madonie park is www.parcodellemadonie.it and it has a list of all the pathways open to the public Park.

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